Currently we are changing the gift card system, thus gift cards currently cannot be bought or prolonged validity of the card in the usual way. For the time being we suggest to use the alternative solutions:

  • For buying a new gift card – please visit Narvesen in Galleria Riga, an alternative version of gift card is available there with the same usage options, and it comes in Galleria Riga gift envelope.
  • For expired validity – please contact us and send and inquiry by e-mail to

The gift card is valid for 6 months. Funds for lost or stolen gift card are non-refundable. The gift card cannot be used for billing payments, at bank branches, as well as at certain traders that have not provided a technical solution for acceptance of the gift cards.

On the account maintenance after the validity of the card and reviewing unjustified complaint the service fees applies (please see Gift card usage regulations).

Card balance

Gift card usage regulations

Full Galleria Riga gift card usage terms and conditions are available  here.

Commision fees



Commision incl. VAT,  EUR*

Account balance check in  ATM


Account balance and transaction history check in s/c Galleria Riga web page 

Free of charge

Keeping an active account until the balance reaches 0 EUR for a card with ended validity  

1.50 EUR a month, from 1st month after the end of card validity 

Investigation of an unfounded claim

20 EUR

Issuance of the balance left in cash (if the card is still valid)

20 EUR

*VAT % rate is applied according to corresponding regulations.