New brand – Hoss Intropia

Hoss Intropia is a Spanish women’s brand, with a Mediterranean spirit and a bohemian, romantic and sophisticated style, with its own personality.

Hoss Intropia is the brand that allows each woman to bring out her personality, the one that differentiates her from the rest, the one that makes her be true to herself. More than a fashion brand, it is a lifestyle. A philosophy that every woman can adapt to her particular world.

A brand that does not follow strict seasonal trends, but interprets them on its own terms so that each collection is unique and authentic.

A brand designed for women who know what they want and who feel confident in their own style. Those who like to feel special and have their inner strength stand out from the crowd.

Simple and wearable collections where each garment will make you feel unique and perfectly dressed both in your day to day and on special occasions. The brand does not dictate what you should wear, but allows you to bet on what suits you without losing sight of the trends.kā arī aksesuāri un apavi.

HOSS INTROPIA collections are available in the Cortefiel store on the 3rd floor, Galleria Riga, 67 Dzirnavu Street.