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At the L'erbolario Durance store you will be introduced with the French provincial traditions represented by the splendid products from the Durance and with the Italian cosmetics L’erbolario.

L’erbolario is an Italian cosmetics company, whose name originates from the ancient term “erborare” what stands for “collecting plants in the countryside to study their healing properties”. It all began with recipes, developed by a family for household care purposes, but through series of experiments, research, and distillation the products were tested and improved. In 1978 a company La Premiata Erboristeria Artigiana L’Erbolario was founded. Its goal was to produce effective and natural cosmetics from plant-based raw materials. The company is well known for its wide range aromatised bath products that contain the eaux de parfum mainly focusing on natural scents and botanical essences. 

Durance is a family company, which was founded 30 years ago in the vicinity of the Grignan castle and began the production of lavender essential oil. The Durance’s main source of inspiration is nature. The Durance drew that inspiration from the scents and colours of the Provence fields. The company uses the most valuable organic plants and raw materials that reflect the compelling beauty of Provence. From the very outset,
the Durance products have been produced and packaged in Grignan, Drome. The Durance products consist of at least 95% natural origin ingredients – no parabens, phenoxyethanols, sodium laurilsulfates or silicones. Products have not been tested on animals. 

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