TRAVEL THE DAY | Celebrating the beauty of life

Ivo Nikkolo festive collection – the beauty of details, striking fabrics and majestic colors.

During the festive season, our days become an eventful journey – a tapestry of moments, each deserving a touch of extra sparkle. Ivo Nikkolo’s autumn-winter festive collection is brimming with the beauty of details. Striking fabrics and majestic colours ensure a moment of splendour at every gathering. This season, embrace the thrill of discovery through fashion choices and travel the day as you journey from a posh dinner to a lively party.

At the heart of the product selection shines a glossy acetate fabric dress, whose pattern paints a vivid picture of the shimmering night sky beneath the subdued glow of the Northern Lights. Capturing the mystical atmosphere and abundance of a lively evening

Ivo Nikkolo is located on the 3rd floor, Galleria Riga, 67 Dzirnavu Street.