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8. Stāvs
8. Stāvs

Herbārijs is a concept bar + café on the rooftop terrace of Galleria Riga.

Food, drinks and cocktails inspired by the plant kingdom. A laid-back ambience, evergreen hospitality and a literally heavenly view.
It’s too much to describe, really. You’ll have to see it for yourself – come and ascend to Herbārijs!

  1. No more than four adults, excluding minors (i.e. under 18 years of age), from no more than two households but no more than 10 people in total (i.e. adults and children) at one table.
  2. Keep a distance of 2 m from other people
  3. In the catering place, staff and visitors must use mouth and nose masks during their stay, except when sitting at a table. A mouth and nose mask must be used when entering the premises of the shopping centre
  4. Follow the instructions of the rooftop terrace restaurant staff and security service regarding staying on this terrace and obey these instructions
  5. Follow the instructions of the government and the responsible authorities and obey these instructions