Ivo Nikkolo presents its transitional collection and line of athleisure

Baltika’s sole brand Ivo Nikkolo is getting renewed and introduces its transitional collection from the old brand to the new.

As an important strategic decision, starting from spring/summer 2021, Ivo Nikkolo is bringing together two womenswear collections of Baltika Group – Monton and Ivo Nikkolo and presents this season new transitional Ivo Nikkolo collection starting new era of renewed of Ivo Nikkolo brand. Transitional collection this season will be found in Monton stores across the Baltics as well as in recently renewed e-store.

In addition to clothing, extra focus will be put to accessories. Accessories will become an important strategic line of the renewed Ivo Nikkolo – the updated collection of handbags, shoes, scarves and belts are already available offering premium quality and a great accent to Ivo Nikkolo’s clothing line. Accessories, mainly produced in Italy, focus on design, trends and quality which are main directions of the renewed Ivo Nikkolo brand. In March, right before Estonia was locked down, a standalone accessories store in Viru Keskus, Tallinn was opened,  introducing the full difference of the renewed brand.

The updated Ivo Nikkolo brand can be characterized with two words – feminine and diverse. Ivo Nikkolo spring-summer clothes and accessories are ready for the suddenties that the pandemic can bring us –  therefore the items in this collections are easy to combine with other clothes and according to the occasion.

A  powerful trend in fashion world, which started already in 2020 and is definitely here to stay, is athleisure, when uncomfortable times brought comfortable clothing back to our life.  Sustainable style and fabrics are the main focus of Ivo Nikkolo athleisure line.

Whether working from home, have a lazy day of lounging or just running everyday errands, Ivo Nikkolo’s athleisure line has it all covered. At the same time compromise on the style is completely out of question.

Check out the athleisure collection and its eyecatcher tracksuits, simple organic cotton and comfortable jersey at Ivo Nikkolo’s renewed e-store www.ivonikkolo.com