For fall 2023, H&M Beauty reimagines its own makeup brand with a new range of mascaras, blush, lipsticks and more. High-quality vegan formulas are the defining features of an assortment that is sleeker and better than ever before.

To create some of the best looks possible, H&M Beauty has placed their new products in truly capable hands – renowned makeup artist, Raoúl Alejandre. With a client roster and portfolio that both impresses and inspires, Alejandre is a new and exciting partner for the brand. As a longtime fan of H&M, Raoúl himself describes the collaboration as a full-circle moment, “I feel honoured and excited to be able to bring my point of view to this partnership. I love the team members I am working with as they inspire me to push my artistry in a direction that is fresh and timeless while still making a statement. I’m ready to bring innovative and exclusive techniques to this collaboration.” This launch marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between the two.

The new makeup range will be launched globally with a bold and refreshing campaign titled “Make Up Stories.” The campaign encourages beauty lovers by portraying makeup as the start of every big and memorable moment. Raoúl Alejandre’s looks have always told stories and his work for H&M Beauty is no exception. This shared appreciation for the power of makeup is what makes him a natural fit for the campaign.

H&M Beauty is located on the 2nd floor, Galleria Riga, 67 Dzirnavu Street.