What is an internist – explained by FuturaClinic

Doctor – internist specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of internal diseases in patients.

Diagnosis: Patients can turn to an internist for any complaints related to the internal organ system. Together with the patient, the internist will develop a diagnostic plan based on the patient’s complaints, previous examination data, and other parameters.

Treatment plan development: After establishing the diagnosis of the disease, the internist develops a treatment plan.

Recommendations and referrals: Internists provide advice on prevention, achievable goals, and lifestyle. They refer patients to other specialists if additional examinations, consultations, or specific care are needed.

Monitoring of chronic diseases: They work with patients suffering from chronic illnesses. They establish a further therapy and monitoring plan. They inform the patient about their illness and how to act in case of exacerbation or worsening.

In general, internists provide comprehensive medical care to patients not only in treating diseases in specific areas but also in maintaining health and preventing diseases.

FuturaClinic internists Dr. Antra Briede and Dr. Pauls Dzelve will be happy to help, learn more here!