Experience Avantgarden, Rigas’ most extraordinary rooftop terrace!

It's a lively rooftop park brimming with trees, lush greenery, and vitality. Whether you're seeking a brief respite from work or a leisurely lunch, indulge in delectable street food offerings. In the evening, savor a delightful ambiance with a refreshing drink amidst exceptional views.

The panoramic 360° scenery of Riga, particularly at sunset, is simply breathtaking – we even have a dedicated area for experiencing this magical moment!

Bar, Mission Canteen, Wok Hei, Backyard Burgers - walk-in, no booking. Herbary - walk-in or book a table with the best view!

Avantgarden is located in central Riga at 67 Dzirnavu street on the s/c Galleria Riga rooftop.



Herbary - small garden near the sky! Herbary is a concept bar & cafe on the rooftop terrace of Galleria Riga. Food, drinks and cocktails inspired by the plant kingdom. A laid-back ambiance, evergreen hospitality and a literally heavenly view

To book a table please call: +371 2734 3393

To book an event: hi@herbary.lv

Working hours:

Friday - Saturday 12.00 - 22.00 ...

Sunday - Thursday 12.00 - 00.00



Our mission is to ensure that eating is a flavour-saturated adventure after which you will feel well fed, full of energy thanks to balanced nutrients, and never feeling heavy. Taste is based on four fundamental Thai flavours – sweet, sour, salty and sharp, with an aesthetically interpreted version of Thai “street food” that is adapted to locally available ingredients. The main thing is that our dishes are prepared quickly with much added value, a high-quality restaurant flavour, and a very good price.

Daily 12.00-21.00


Delicious and simple wok and refreshing poke! Wok Hei features distinct and powerful flavours which are based on house-made WOK sauces. These involve the highest-quality Asian culinary ingredients, and the unique flavours of dishes represent a new interpretation of the wok. This does not necessarily involve strictly classical combinations or cooking techniques. In addition to wok dishes, Wok Hei also offers refreshing and light Poke bowls with fresh vegetables, warm and aromatic jasmine rice, and tasty house-made sauces.

Daily 12.00-21.00


A good burger is nothing complicated, but a good garden party is unimaginable without a good burger! “Backyard Burger” believes that quality stands above quantity, and so we offer a short menu of burgers that are made with locally sourced beef, aged Cheddar cheese and a lovely brioche bun that is baked with real butter. On a warm day, enjoy Backyard Burger on the terrace with a cold drink, some sinful side dishes or vice-versa!

Daily 12.00-21.00


Enjoy wonderful draft cocktails from Sip, refreshing kombuchas and lemonades. A glass of bubbles or a cold beer will give the perfect chill after a hot day at work.

Daily 12.00-23.00



Please observe these guidelines so that the experience is pleasant for all of us:

Please clean up after yourself – glasses to the bar and dishes to the bins. Thanks!

Please only consume food and drinks that you’ve purchased here

No smoking at the tables!

Keep your pet on a leash

No reservation needed. Just come on in!

Please wear at least a swimsuit when visiting us

Underaged? Visibly intoxicated? No alcohol for you!

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

Our coworking offices are on the 5th floor. Enjoy the view, not your screen

Don’t try to climb the trees, and don’t try to bring them home with you!

Employees and/or security personnel have the right to refuse entry or eject visitors whose behavior jeopardizes the safety of other visitors. Employees and/or security personnel have the right stop access to the roof terrace if the number of visitors approaches the maximum allowed

Our business hours may change if there are adverse weather conditions

Please contact Avantgarden management at garden@avantgarden.lv