Largest Coworking Centre in Riga “Workland Galleria Riga” to Open in July

In July this year, the largest coworking centre in Riga, “Workland Galleria Riga,” will open its doors on the 5th floor of “Galleria Riga” shopping centre, located at 67 Dzirnavu Street. This marks the third coworking space project by the international “Workland Group” in the Latvian capital and the first coworking centre to be situated within a shopping centre in Riga. The trend of establishing coworking spaces within shopping centres is gaining popularity as it allows for optimizing work schedules and saving time, with both workspaces and daily necessities such as grocery stores, gyms, etc., conveniently located under one roof. The area of “Workland Galleria Riga” will exceed 3000 square meters, offering approximately 350 fully equipped workstations in a multifunctional environment, enabling a seamless blend of work and easy access to restaurants, shops, gym, and other amenities. The investment volume in the new centre reaches 3 million euros.

Indrek Hääl, Founder and CEO of “Workland Group,” stated: “The economic disruptions and uncertainties of recent years have prompted businesses to review their usual operations and expenses. In such a changing and volatile situation, flexible approaches in the B2B services sector become one of the most important decision criteria. The combination of remote and on-site work has increased demand for fully serviced office centres with flexible conditions, a concept offered by coworking space providers. Not only startups but also large international companies such as Nasdaq and VISA opt for such offices because they can quickly adapt to changing needs, offering flexible office rental terms and additional services such as meeting rooms. This flexibility not only satisfies immediate needs but also helps optimize office rental costs. Workland carefully monitors the growing demand for coworking and fully serviced offices. The occupancy rates of our coworking centres in Riga – “Workland Telegraph” and “Workland Verde” – average at 90%, which is why we are pleased to announce the opening of our third centre in the center of Riga this July, with the support of “East Capital Real Estate.” Furthermore, we are expanding our presence across the entire Baltic region, opening new coworking centres in Tallinn and Vilnius this year, thereby increasing the total number of workspaces offered by Workland centres by 30%.”

“Workland Galleria Riga” will offer workspaces tailored to various working styles and preferences – from private offices to spacious coworking areas. Conveniently located phone booths will provide private spaces for phone or video calls, which can be used without prior reservation. Meeting rooms, equipped with TV screens, video conferencing facilities, and other amenities, can be easily booked using the Workland app or website and will be available to both Workland centre members and anyone seeking a professional environment for meetings or video conferences. Private offices will vary in size, accommodating 2 to 8 workstations, with the option to combine multiple rooms. All workspaces will be fully furnished, with access to shared spaces such as a kitchen, lounge areas, and an outdoor terrace. The coworking area will offer both reserved workstations for personalized and comfortable environments and open-plan workspaces, allowing members to choose a different spot every day.

Jekaterina Zilpauša, Commercial Manager of “Workland Latvia,” said: “The modern business environment requires maximum flexibility in all aspects, including office spaces. The Workland concept offers a unique opportunity to work in a high-end private office or coworking space, excellently located, while being together with like-minded people from various industries. Our coworking centre community is very diverse – including business angel investor communities, IT industry representatives, remote workers, government institutions, international corporations, real estate developers, etc. Workland provides the opportunity to start the working day with morning coffee with interesting and professional people from different industries, whom you might not meet otherwise. In Latvia, the Workland community brings together more than 400 members – professionals from various fields and entrepreneurs, and we are pleased that with the reservations for the new “Workland Galleria Riga” centre, this number will increase. The price of a single workspace in a coworking space starts from 150 euros (plus VAT) per month. The price remains unchanged throughout the contract period and covers all necessary office expenses, such as utilities, electricity, internet, coffee, office maintenance, cleaning, and even common events such as monthly breakfasts and activities after work. Our calculations show that this approach allows for savings of up to 30% in office expenses compared to standard office rental agreements.”

The interior of the new coworking spaces was designed by the architectural firm “Lauder Architect.” Rita Laudere, Interior Architect at “Lauder Architect,” commented: “Given the excellent location of “Galleria Riga” in the city center, the design concept of the Workland office draws inspiration from the dynamics of the urban landscape. While individual streets may seem gray and dull, Riga has a vibrant and colorful character. The interior of the Workland office integrates various materials reminiscent of the cityscape, such as brick, wood, and metal. Additionally, wall paintings in the style of street art are strategically placed to give the office environment a playful and captivating dimension and reflect the charm of city streets. The incorporation of stripe elements and circular insets in acoustic panels serves not only functional purposes but also helps create a more pleasant working atmosphere for employees. The layout of the office and the choice of furniture are primarily based on user needs and comfort, providing an optimal working environment. Abundant greenery is planned in all spaces, which will give the space vitality and promote a cozy warmth.”


About “Workland Group”:
“Workland Group” is an international fully serviced offices and coworking spaces network that has opened 18 office centres in all Baltic States and Finland – five in Vilnius, one in Kaunas, three in Riga, six in Tallinn, two in Helsinki, and one in Espoo. The mission of “Workland Group” is to provide inspiring workspaces with flexible usage terms, offering professional services and fostering a supportive community. The total area of “Workland Group” offices and coworking centres exceeds 34,000 square meters, with approximately 4,000 workstations. The main shareholders of “Workland Group” are “BaltCap” and the company’s management.

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