Fast and easy with MOBILLY!

We have added an additional payment type for the parking! Now you can pay for it with the MOBILLY app! The new and supereasy Automatic payment system will save your precious time. Choose zone RG when in Galleria Riga!

If not a Mobilly user yet – join and use the convenience of mobile payments! Call 1859 or get to know more HERE!

How to start using Automatic payment with Mobilly ?

First find an Automatic zone in your Mobilly app in Parking section. Open it, and you will see the opportunity to add your car number to Automatic payments.

If you are already in the zone, you will get a pop-up that will ask you to confirm that you are currently in the zone and want to start the payment now. If you are in the zone, press START and wait for the payment clock to appear. If you are not in the zone, press CANCEL.

If you are not in Automatic zone, but you have added cars to your Automatic payment, next time, when you will enter an Automatic zone, the barrier will open automatically and the payment will start itself – you don’t even need to open Mobilly app!