Deposit station


-1. Stāvs
-1. Stāvs

Bring empty packaging that has the deposit sign and is not crushed to a deposit station. It is located in the parking under Galleria Riga.

In our automatic deposit point it is possible to hand in a valid deposit packaging, regardless of where it was purchased.

A valid deposit packaging is empty, not flattened or broken, it has a label with a clearly legible Latvian deposit mark and barcode.

Depositing the packaging in vending machine – automatic deposit point:

  • To hand in the empty deposit packaging in the automatic acceptance point, place them in the vending machine one by one with the lower part facing forward.
  • When you have handed in all the deposit packaging into the vending machine, click on the button on the screen to complete the operation and receive the deposit coupon for the delivered packaging units.
  • Use the deposit coupon to pay for the purchase in the store indicated in the coupon. The coupon can be used as a means of payment for the purchase of any goods available in the store.


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