6-7. Stāvs
6-7. Stāvs

MyFitness Galleria Riga - the best and most convenient sports club in the city center.

The sports club is located on the 6th, 7th floor of the modern shopping centre Galleria Riga. Its area takes up 2,300 m2. The gym is equipped with the latest generation fitness equipment from Technogym.
The spacious premises have a separate functional area and the Pure Strength Zone for those who prefer heavy weights.
There are two rooms for the group fitness classes, one is for strength and cardio workouts, while the other one for low-intensity and harmonious activities.
The sports club has professional instructors who will answer your questions and draw up a workout plan specifically for you to achieve the desired result.
After the workouts everyone is welcome to relax in sauna.


Jab, hook, uppercut! New and unique boxing experience from MyFitness! Combination of different boxing punches and best music will give you the experience of the lifetime. The lesson takes place in boxing gloves, which are available at the club free of charge, but please note that these gloves must have personal inner gloves or ties. You can buy inner gloves at the sports club administration.


Massage is not only good for relaxing after a hard day’s work, but it is also a great tool for warming up muscles or recovering after a workout.
The RELXONE area offers you the opportunity to take a moment for yourself by enjoying the pleasures and benefits of hydromassage and effective roller massage.