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-1. Stāvs

Donate items and books that are in good condition in the Otrā elpa donation boxes located in the Galleria Riga Service area! The Service area is in the parking lot under Galleria Riga.

You have had great moments together, but the time has come to realize that you have nothing in common anymore, each of you has a different path from now on,… So say good bye in a good way! Donate clothes, household items and books in the Otrā elpa donation boxes. Before donation, assess the quality of the items to make sure that they are clean and undamaged.

Otrā elpa welcomes donation of the following items that are in good condition and ready to use:

  • clothing and footwear,
  • accessories – bags, belts, umbrellas, etc.,
  • books and magazines,
  • interior items,
  • games and toys,
  • music records and films,
  • small electrical appliances in working condition.


3 steps from your donation to real help:

  1. you donate items that are in good condition, Otrā elpa sorts them,
  2. a part of the donated items goes to the Otrā elpa charity shops, while another part of these items is passed on to those who need help the most – people in shelters, orphanages, social assistance centers, etc.,
  3. the funds earned are donated to charity projects.


Otrā elpa is a pioneer of social entrepreneurship in Latvia, which has been operating since 2009. We are a charity platform that connects people and things in a simple way in our charity shops.

The shelves of Otrā elpa stores can be filled by any of you. Everyone at home tends to have something unnecessary, which for someone else can be very useful. Donations of items allow us to start a cycle of good work and immediately help those in crisis situations who are in shelters, orphanages, care centers and can receive financial assistance from us, as well as those who think about sustainability on a daily basis, appreciate inexpensive goods and give them a second life.

Donating and reselling things you no longer need in the Otrā elpa charity shops is an environmentally friendly practice, and it helps to achieve the Otrā elpa charity goals.

During its existence, Otrā elpa has supported more than 170 organizations in Latvia, donating EUR 154’000 and more than 2 million items.

From 2019, the profit of the Otrā elpa charity store network is being provided to the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s Clinical University Hospital organ donation program for accumulation of emergency savings, thus providing significant support to families with children in need of organ transplantation outside Latvia. With every purchase and donation, Otrā elpa customers give children the opportunity to live.

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