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2. Stāvs
2. Stāvs

Conceptstore WATCH | WEAR believes that their clients are just as unique as the Scandinavian brands they are stocking. They offer a wide selection of clothing, footwear and accessories as well as gifts, home decor and other design objects to express oneself through quality and colours.

WATCH | WEAR’s most characteristic brands:

TRIWA – Sweden/ Scandinavian pure style watches, sunglasses and jewellery that are created for people who demand quality and finesse.

HAPPY SOCKS – Sweden/ Filled with lively colors and patterns, this brand makes socks, underwear and loungewear that can spice up even the most dull day and outfit.

RAINS – Denmark/ Waterproof and -resistant raincoats, pants, hats and bags that can lighten up all the bad weather and taste in the world. RAINS have a wide variety of items to choose from and one can never be afraid of bad weather in dull clothes anymore.