No more excuses – give a MyFitness gift card!

There are 2 types of friends – those who go to the gym and those who talk about it. For the latter, give a MyFitness gift card so there are no more excuses. And for the first ones as well, of course.

MyFitness Electronic Gift Card:
–  is a valid form of payment in all MyFitness clubs in Latvia.
–  the value can be determined by a single cash deposit of a minimum of ten (10) Euros.
–  can be used several times within its balance until the whole amount is used.
–  card balance can be checked at any MyFitness club’s customer service and by scanning the QR code on the card.
–  is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
– cannot be exchanged for cash.
– If MyFitness Gift Card is not used before its expiry date or is lost, its balance will not be compensated.
You can purchase a gift card in all MyFitness clubs.

MyFitness electronic gift cards are available to purchase in the Galleria Riga sports club on the 6th floor!