The Season of Celebration Ivo Nikkolo

Longer days and shorter nights. Suddenly everything is getting more simple and effortless.Summertime brings along the best and most awaited celebrations of the year. From…


At ease in a breeze

Everything’s better in the summertime. And more simple. Unfortunately, summer is always too short. That’s why don’t waste your time thinking too much about the…


Ivo Nikkolo presents its transitional collection and line of athleisure

Baltika’s sole brand Ivo Nikkolo is getting renewed and introduces its transitional collection from the old brand to the new. As an important strategic decision,…


COS rekonstrukcija

No 31.jūlija apģērbu un aksesuāru veikals COS būs slēgts uz rekonstrukciju, lai jau septembrī atkal atvērtos jaunā kvalitātē.