Futura Clinic offers new body treatment procedures

Weyergans BodyGuard Oxygen Ion and Light Therapy

Great figure and good health – BodyGuard. New from Weyergans – the only oxygen ion and light therapy capsule in the Baltics.

Effects: natural elimination of toxins with oxygen ions, improvement of metabolism and reduction of excess weight, skin renewal, reduction of cellulite, stimulation of blood circulation, acceleration of cell reproduction.

Benefits: smooth and firm skin, feeling of lightness in the legs, slim waist, legs, and hips, you will feel it already after the first procedure!

Top Head Oxygen Ion and Light Therapy: Strengthens the immune system, reduces anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, and migraines. Against airborne viruses and antibacterial effect, improves the condition of the facial skin depending on the applied light.

Weyergans BodyGuard Oxygen Ion and Light Therapy Capsule. 30 min. price € 39.00

We recommend a procedure combined with Top Head oxygen ion and light therapy for the face, 30 min. total price € 49.00


Weyergans SPM vacuum massage procedure

The Weyergans vacuum massage procedure has multiple effects: it treats cellulite and reduces body volume, shapes the body, and improves skin elasticity, has a beneficial effect on lymph flow, reduces edema, relaxes tense muscles.

During vacuum massage, the flask is soaked into the skin, the skin is lifted and massaged. During the massage, negative pressure of varying intensity has a strong effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat layer. Metabolism and blood circulation are accelerated, elastin and collagen formation are stimulated, connective tissue is strengthened.

At the end of the procedure, Styler Tea-lyphodrainage tea. A tea that cleanses the body, strengthens it, and removes metabolic end products. Everything for your beauty and health!

The results are visible already after the first procedure, but for a pronounced and lasting result, it is preferable to undergo the procedure in the form of a course – 10-15 times.

30 min. €35; 5 x €150; 10 x €250.

60 min. €50; 5 x €220; 10 x €399.

Vacuum massage is also widely used in facial procedures, to strengthen the shape of the breast and gluteal muscles, using special applicators.


Body wrapping – wrapping procedure

Cinnamon cream is applied to the problem areas, then wrapping is done with a special film under certain pressure, because of which lymph and blood circulation is stimulated, swelling decreases and toxins are removed.

The procedure takes about 60 minutes. As a result of the procedure, the metabolism has improved, volume has decreased, lymph flow and blood circulation have improved, a feeling of lightness can be felt in the legs, the skin has become firmer, more elastic, and smoother.

This procedure can easily be combined with any facial treatment.

The ingredients contained in the cinnamon mask (algae, yew extract, cinnamon, ginger, hazelnut oils, vitamin E) are well known for their fat-burning, cleansing, regenerating, skin-smoothing properties.

The duration of the procedure is 45 minutes, the price is € 29.00


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