NOUBA launch in KRISTIANA store

KristiAna store at Galleria Riga invites you to the launch of italian professional make-up brand NOUBA launch in October 27th. During the day we will introduce you with the brand. Also there will be a chance to test the products in express make-up sessions. We kindly ask you to book express make -up in advance by calling KristiAna store: +371 6771 6725

About NOUBA: a mesmerizing name, a tribute to the Nubas, the ancient African population known for their amazing body painting, an extraordinary living artwork to celebrate life and the power of beauty.

NOUBA is dedicated to Women, each and all of them, a celebration of femininity always a step ahead in trends. Ever since the beginning, Nouba has always featured hero products that became true icons in Italy like the first loose Bronzing Powder – “la terra” – that in 1980 was considered the most innovative products of the decade. Innovation, creativity, unique and surprising shades: our passion to enhance every woman’s beauty.